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The balance its 13 mm much more into the head ( i have test it) Why did they name it as Z force 2. I really feel cheated from Yonex beacause me and numerous other thougth its very same specs as the original Z force 2. They need to name it an additional name so the purchaser not make blunders or else they ought to informe that the LD version is head heavier the original Z force 2.

Hence, it is imperative that you select the right shop to buy your badminton rackets and accessories. The advantage to badminton players could be large, and SOTX appears to be the only present manufacturer offering this protection for players. Speak to us Mondays by way of Fridays by live internet operator or toll-free of charge at 1-855-654-6464, or drop us a line anytime by online type. I have a receipt from a badminton court in Iloilo, an empty envelope, an empty plastic, Kleenex, and my fortunate rosary.Badminton Bag