I Am Living with a Bunch of Computer Nerds

I never used to know some of the things I know now, but I have been living with half a dozen computer science guys. I knew they were up to something all along, but they did not really let me in on their scheming. Of course when you are dancing on both sides of the law you only need the partners who can help you and keep you ahead of the game. At any rate they eventually let it slip that they were running a game on a thing called a bahis siteleri, which means a casino site in Turkish. Exactly how they are doing it, well I am not really sure. They say that it is not cheating, but again they are not really that talkative about it. The idea as I understand it, is that you should not get too greedy. You take a little so that you do not attract too much attention, then you come back the next day in a new disguise and take some more. Apparently you do something called idling to help disguise your activity, or you just hang around losing or winning very little all the while.

At any rate for the last two months these guys have been determined to impress the sorority girls by throwing parties for them. I have apparently been the primary beneficiary of this campaign. Instead of trying to scam these girls I just finally got to know this one girl better. She seems to be the brains in this sorority, the rest of them seem only interested in partying and shallow things like the Kardashians and other reality TV stars. I started to ask her why she was involved with them and she could not find a good answer. At any rate we have been dating pretty seriously for three weeks and it is going great.